Just before the Easter break I started a makeover of my son’s room into a big boy room. Up until now he has been sleeping in his crib and making do with what he had from his nursery in our last apartment. But as his fourth birthday is fast approaching this summer, I thought it was time to finally switch to a regular sized bed and update his room. (Who else was nervous to give up the crib??!) I never really put the space together like it was before or hung up art, so it was definitely time to make the room feel more ‘done’ and fitting his age.

When I started planning for the new design, I asked my son what he would like to have. His answer? “My favorite color is green.” A boy after my own heart! I started researching and looking for inspiration and got hooked on the idea of green walls – an easy way to add a big dose of color for not a lot of money. The room has old parquet wood floors and off-white trim like the rest of our apartment, so green would work well, along with some blue as an accent color. Here are a couple of my inspiration images from Pinterest.

I thought briefly about doing a cool pattern on the walls, but in the end opted for solid color as the room already has a lot going on architecturally, plus the cost of temporary wallpaper (as we rent) added up to too much for my overall budget. So I was forced to add pattern and interest in other ways like the rug, art and bed linens. Kid rooms often have themes, and while I wanted to make it cohesive, I didn’t want to get carried away with pictures of cars or trucks everywhere. My son does have a current obsession with dinosaurs so I did crack and order this duvet cover to use some of the time. Roar!!

One big challenge for the room is that it’s small and has one entire wall lined with cupboards where I can’t place any furniture. That meant being clever about the arrangement as to not make the room look too lopsided. I also wanted to reuse what I could from the old scheme, so I decided to keep the two Ikea bookshelves, chest of drawers, lamps, mirror and kid table and chairs. Working through the layout took some time but think I figured out a way to make the most of the space.

In the end I went for a global / world traveler kind of theme, but hopefully without getting too gimmicky. As the walls are a bold green, I wanted to use a lot of white to help balance things and keep it airy and light. I’ve used several Ikea pieces in this scheme to help keep the cost down, but mixed in some fun accessories and artwork, and even a little DIY project (see #2)!

1. Moss green paint (mine is from Jallut in Switzerland) / 2. Paper mache landmarks painted in green, blue and white (from Do It + Garden in Switzerland) / 3. White dresser / 4. Dark brown bookshelves / 5. Floor lamp / 6. Airplane art / 7. Blue cushion / 8. Blue & white striped rug / 9. Green storage container / 10. Blue pouf / 11. Single bed / 12. World map / 13. Desk lamp / 14. Green blanket / 15. Mirror / 16. Table & chairs / 17. Wooden airplane / 18. Bed linens

I still need to finish a few final touches but hopefully will share pictures of the completed room very soon. In total, I spent around $1200. Not bad for a whole new room!

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