Hello strangers! I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted. I don’t want to list a ton of excuses, except to say that I’ve had a bit of a creative slump and haven’t felt inspired to write (it happens to the best of us, right?). But now that I’ve taken a break, I’m trying to get my groove back and tackle some projects around our home (and blog about it!).

I recently painted my son’s room and am working on turning it into a ‘big boy’ room. I’m finalizing a few details so will share my plans and pictures soon. I’ve also thought a lot about our family/TV/play room – there’s nothing wrong with the room per se, but I feel it’s a bit dull, lacking in character. And because we spend so much time in this space, I want to make it a little more special. Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like now. Nice but boring.

Enter the blue room. I’ve saved inspirational pictures of all blue libraries, family rooms and offices forever. Browsing through my old Pinterest boards, it’s clearly a look I just can’t get enough of. I love the cozy, cocoon-like feeling created by a room saturated in a blue hue. Plus it is the perfect back-drop for books, neutral furnishings and pops of green. This is one of my all time favorites (from my all time favorite show).

A few more beautiful blue rooms…

I love the contrast of the deep blue color with brown tones. We have a chocolate leather sofa and wood floors so I’m thinking this shade will work well.

There is just something about blue – it’s such a calming, peaceful color. Who wouldn’t want to curl up in one of these spaces with a good book or movie and hide away for a few hours?

The millwork and details in this room are gorgeous. And that amazing geometric Stark carpet!

I love here how even the curtains are the same blue as the walls and bookcases to really wrap the room in this lovely deep hue. The brass mirror and lights and light-colored upholstery keep it from getting too heavy. And of course the adorable dog makes this space that much better!

Here the blue walls and bookcases and paired with grey furnishings. Although this is a dark and moody color, it’s balanced by the large windows without curtains and the modern furniture.

Another great space, with even the ceiling painted in blue. I’m dying over those olive green chairs!

Although I would love to have a room that was blue from floor to ceiling – walls, shelves, trim and all – we rent our apartment so I’ll be a little limited in my use of paint. I’m definitely planning on painting the walls and think I will do the freestanding bookcases as well to get as much of a built-in look as possible, but I’ll keep the trim white, ending up with something more like this.

Now just to pick the perfect color of paint and go for it!

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