I’m way behind this year with decorating our home for Christmas. We usually are away for the holidays so I don’t do much most years beyond the tree and a wreath on the door. But this year we are staying home in Geneva to Christmas so I’m trying to take things up a notch and add a little holiday charm to each room. However, I’m a little behind! Someone who does have their act together, and is an amazing source of inspiration, is Tammy Conner who has done an spectacular job to decorate her studio for Christmas. Featured in this month’s Veranda magazine, she uses her Birmingham, Alabama office as a space for work and entertaining and it looks more like a cozy home than a sterile workplace. As such, she has decked it out for the holidays in a lovely mix of magnolia leaves, boxwoods and touches of bright green and coral.

I’m having major front door envy!

Tammy brings the outdoors inside by adding large boxwoods and a sweet olive wreath around a frame. A bowl of mandarines and a warm fire remind one of the season without loud, in-your-face decorations.

A bar set up for a party features red and green, but with a twist – small green blossoms, coral and pomegranates. Tammy integrates art and lamps for a layered and personal feel.

I love how she mixes high and low, elegant and simple, like this beautiful antique Swedish chair topped with lambswool and a vintage Elf on the Shelf sitting above. Every house needs a little whimsy!

Home-made gifts for party guests wrapped and displayed beautifully in lime green and orange. How cool are the seals and ribbon instead of a typical bow?

In her dining area, Tammy draped more magnolia garlands over an antique commode for a rustic and dramatic effect. I love the simple wreath hanging on the window and cut flowers on the table mixed with silver vases and serving wear.

A close up of her table setting – not your traditional Christmas colors but festive in a fresh and fun way with personalized touches like monogrammed napkins and heirloom china.

My favorite part of the decor is the sweet little stocking ornaments from Rebecca Vizard hung from the “branches” of the Gracie Studio wallpaper. Each contains a wish or an inspiring quote for the coming year. It takes a brave woman to put holes in this custom hand-painted wall covering!

Now it’s time for me to get back to decorating our apartment, hopefully before Christmas eve rolls around!

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