What a crazy couple of weeks! I’ve been super busy with work and at the same time struggling to recover from the shock of the election results. It may seem trivial to focus on decorating and talking about pretty things right now, but it’s a welcome distraction for me today and I’m happy to get back to blogging to share some thoughts on a common design dilemma – the TV. (I’ve spent many hours in front of it these past days so have had a lot of time to think about this!)

I was chatting with someone the other day about her living room layout as she was struggling with how to decorate around the television. She has an open living-dining area and the large screen TV currently dominates the space. Although she and her husband enjoy watching movies and sporting events, she was concerned that big black screen was taking over the room, especially as it has white walls and neutral-colored furniture. I suggested a few ways she could play down the big screen and thought I would share my tips with you too. Most of these are renter friendly and don’t require any major changes to your space. (Tips on convincing your husband not included!)

One of the most classic ways to decorate around a TV is to incorporate it into a bookcase. This can work in so many styles, from contemporary to traditional, and also offers additional storage for books and decorative items. If you don’t have built-in shelves, don’t worry, you can achieve the same look with free-standing bookcases or shelves.

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If you want the TV to be even less noticeable, try ‘hiding’ it with dark walls. A deep paint color like blue, black or grey helps a television disappear slightly and makes it part of the background when not in use. And don’t worry, you don’t have to paint your entire room a dark color – this works on bookshelves or even with one wall.

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I even tried this technique myself in this small guest room where I hung a TV on the wall. The black walls help disguise not only the television but the cords as well.

Another idea, and perhaps the simplest, is to decorate around a TV. You can distract from it buy creating a gallery wall – either in a grid or more free-form style – or even try hanging the television on the wall as part of the display. I especially like the way Kris from Driven by Design used a grid of black and white photos in her family room.

Image via Room for Tuesday

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One last idea – find another focal point in the room. If you’re blessed with good architecture, large windows or a fire place, use one of these features as the main focus of the room by positioning the furniture around this instead of the TV. Make sure of course there is still comfortable seating for viewing, but not everything has to be pointed at the television. For example, try placing the TV next to the fireplace, not above it.

Image via Traci Zeller

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Image via Lauren Liess

Image via Lauren Liess

How have you decorated a room with a TV? I’d love to hear your suggestions below!

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