I’ve been a fan of interior design firm Massucco Warner Miller for several years, ever since I saw this living room. Just look at those chairs!

Their aesthetic is everything I love – eclectic, colorful and fresh, with a touch of glamour. I have seen their designs in the likes of House Beautiful and other decor magazines, but recently took the time to browse through their full portfolio and was blown away by how many amazing spaces they have done. Founded by Julie Massucco Kleiner, Melissa Warner Rothblum and Carrie Miller Kerwin, they have created beautiful interiors from San Francisco to Seattle to Washington D.C. Even if these spaces are in million-dollar homes, they are still a great source of inspiration for those of us with more modest budgets and square footage!

Who said you can’t put two bright colors and bold patterns together? I think this works brilliantly.

This is a daring color to put on the walls but somehow they pull it off. All of the other patterns and textures soften the space and carry the eye around the room.

Here a mix of materials – upholstery, metal, wood – in a similar color palette creates a calm breakfast eating area.

This room makes me like yellow (and I don’t like yellow).

What a fun boy’s bedroom! So simple, yet so much impact. Paint and fabric go a long way.

This hallway is so incredibly elegant. A beautiful blend of modern and traditional pieces.

Hello wallpaper. Gold and blue? Yes please!

None of it matches yet it works perfectly.

The ornate mirror and sleek console table balance each other out in this dining room.

They also do more contemporary, masculine spaces really well.

I wish this is where I woke up this morning.

There is so much more to see on their website, so if you like their style it’s definitely work a look. I know I could spend hours drooling over each of these amazing spaces!

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